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Now that Zombie Day is finally over...

Damn, but that was fun!  I think the NOVA gang did a bang up job, we managed to get quite a few "outside" hits!  Not that that was the point of the game, but it was awesome to go onto Technorati and see people I don't even know linking to posts :D

Speaking of which - To everyone who popped by my journal yesterday, ESPECIALLY everyone who commented on the first video post with praise and such - THANK YOU!  Credit for that goes to inner_salvation who was my cohort in writing/taping that bit and who also was the supplier and teacher of zombie makeup ways.  Further thanks goes to babylonthegreat taraione, Kris' brothers David (the biting zombie) and Jon (unfortunate victim), my sister Monica and Kris' friend Chris for coming out early on a Saturday morning to get covered in face paint and Elmer's glue.  And the Karo blood and the peanutbutter/paint gore!  Couldn't have done it without ya!

If any of you visitors to my journal care to stick around, please do!  I'm always on the lookout for new friends, especially cool people the likes of which participate in Blog Like It's the End of the World Day :D  So if you're still keeping an eye on this journal, don't hesitate to drop me a line!

For those of you who may have been watching from the sidelines (star54kar :D) I'm putting together a little bit of a timeline of yesterday's events in the Northern VA area
Previous Night
 inner_salvation (Kris) and niko_hime (Nicole), along with Kris' wife Izzy and his brothers Jon and David, play a ball busting game of the Serenity RPG (shepherds packing heat omg!) during which much alcohol is consumed.  David, who works at a biotech research firm with Nicole's mom, tells them about some accident that had occured in one of the labs that day when a body was brought in for some testing.  Employees were sent home early.  Nicole's mom, a high-up lead in the firm, will be rushing to some conference the next day at the firm's main office in DC.  They suspect it has something to do with the body.  Nicole stays the night, not wanting to drive home drunk.  Kris promises to make French toast the next morning, and calls in sick so he can wake up at a decent hour

7:30 am
niko_hime  is woken up from a sound sleep by police cars patrolling the neighbourhood.  But for what?  Minutes later, sounds of several squad cars are heard revving up sirens and speeding towards the industrial park about a mile away.  Contained in said park is ATCC, the biotech firm in question.

9:00 am
inner_salvation is up and making French toast. While Izzy lounges around up stairs with their daughter Aeris, Kris and Nicole sit on the back deck eating. They notice, between the fence and the forest behind the house, there is an odd shape moving about slowly. 
niko_hime , who has lived in the area longer, tells inner_salvation about how, when she was in elementary school just down the road, sometimes cows would break loose from neighbouring farms and slaughterhouses and run amok about the campus.  Kris gets excited and wants to tip a cow.
They grab Nicole's camcorder and head around back to find the cow.

9:30 am
They obviously do not find a cow, but a small but formidable group of strange looking people shambling down the walkway.  Thinking it is best that they go inside, they open the gate in the fence and rush back into the yard.  There, they encounter Kris' 15 year old brother Jon, who was woken up by their loud chatter on the deck and by their yelling at the ?zombies?.  Despite their pleas, he plays the fool and runs off from them, only to be attacked by some arm-eating zombie who had jumped the fence.  The offender is beaten off (lolz) and the trio escapes into the house.  Jon's wound is attended to while Nicole scours the web for news and information.  The TV is not working.

10:00 am
tiepilot and babylonthegreat 
notice strange things on their way to work (at the same computer something or other office) and also around the building.  People are acting strangely.  They just make fun of it. 

Back in Manassas, taraione, Fred's (babylonthegreat) wife is attacked by a cop who had been banging on her front door.  He bites her in the forehead!  She manages to keep him outside and shut the door.  Feeling immediately unwell, she decides to lie down for a nap.

11:00 am
Nicole and Kris, leaning more about the global pandemic, beg their friends to stay indoors and stay safe.  Their pleas are ignored

tiepilot andbabylonthegreat leave their building to go to lunch, despite the fact that (to Kris and Nikki's understanding) there are several zombies in the area. 
Jon's wound continues to get worse
kissokomes gets a late start to her day after her boyfriend heads off to work at a daycare.  She sees the warnings online but, being a caffeine junkie, leaves the house to get a Starbucks. She encounters quite a hoard, to include skim-milk coloured zombie children next door, but manages to get her coffee.  She sprints back to her house from her car and barricades herself in. Worrying, of course, about her boyfriend and her housemates.

tiepilot has been bit by a Mexican zombie outside his work.  He and babylonthegreat are still flippant about the whole thing
taraione wakes from a restless nap to find their neighbourhood in shambles - more zombies milling about, a busted up fire hydrant and general suburban mayhem.  She is hungry and searches for something to sate her. 

12:45 pm
Our heros learn that the country is now operating under a State of Emergency.  The President, VP and his cabinet have been moved to secure undisclosed locations.  Martial law is in effect.  Sounds of gunshots, helicopters and other defensive aircraft are now heard regularly.

1:00 pm
Things at home are heating up.  Zombies are trying to break into the Saylors' house where Kris, Nicole, Izzy, Jon and Aeris are holed up.  Izzy stays upstairs with the baby, not wanting to endanger either the child or herself (she is five months pregnant with their second child).  Kris and Nicole board up the windows and barricade the doors as well as they can.  Jon is getting increasingly worse and, unable to get through to 9-1-1, and reading horrific reports online of people who have already been bit and turned, they fear the worse, yet hold out for hope.  Kris is attacked in the basement by a zombie while boarding up windows, but manages to finish it off with a few well aimed blows of a claw hammer.   While cleaning an unconscious Jon's wound, the events of the day suddenly overwhelm niko_hime and she has a panic attack. 
Back at work, tiepilot (James)and babylonthegreat (Fred) are told that, because of rioting and the President's decree.  They cannot leave, however, due to the fact that the second and third floors (where they are) have been locked off due to the fact that the first floor is rife with the undead.  James is feeling pretty rotten after his bite.

2:00 pm
Jon has been moved out to the back deck for the safety of the rest of the Saylor family.  He is now One of Them, and yet neither Kris nor Nicole can bring themselves to kill the kid. 
Fred asks Kris and Nicole if they can drive over to his house to get taraione (Tara) out safely.  Despite the infestation in their own neighbourhood, Kris and Nicole make plans to head over.  While Nicole is downstairs, arming herself with sporting gear (baseball bat and hockey stick) Kris is upstairs with his family.  Tara calls the house and it is pretty obvious she's not long for this life.  Kris thinks that it would be best NOT to go get her, since there is no point.
Tara, back at home, is slowly turning, yet very scared.  She notes that They are now coming in the back yard and will soon be in the house.

2:30 pm
James, knowing that people are hunting down anyone who has been bit, has barricaded himself in a server room with a super secure lock.  Fred cannot get in normally and must apply force.  James is feeling quite unwell. 

3:00 pm
HORRIBLE miscommunication. 
Nicole thinks that they are still going to get Tara and so breaks down the barricade by the front door and prepares to face the horde. 
Kris, tending to his wife and child, hears noises coming from outside.  Grabbing the camera, he goes out to the roof and, to his mingled delight and horror, witnesses Nicole fighting off a small pack of undead in a madly invincible furor.  She takes down two of them before Kris realises that more are closing in and that he should get his ass down there.  He makes a quick explanation to Izzy before heading downstairs.  By the time he gets out, Nicole is facing off with the last and most formidable of the zombies, beating him with a hockey stick. 
Completely covered in blood, gore and zombie stank, Nicole angrily goes inside and bathes while Kris posts the videos for the world to see.

Fred, attempting to get James out of the  room he's locked himself in, is attacked and bitten by James himself.  Fred makes his peace with  the world and wonders where all his coworkers have disappeared to. 

4:00 pm
(Tini) realises that zombies have gotten into her townhouse, through the basement.  Her pet rabbit Boudicca is lost and Tini, fleeing for her life, dashes up to the third floor, blocking the stairway with boxes of fabric from their sewing room, bravely adding a few Zombie bodies to the mess with her hot foam cutter, creating a sort of Zombie Thermopylae, if you will.  She barricades herself in the sewing room at the front of the house, still armed, and frantically gets in contact with Nicole.
Nicole, clearly over the edge, decides that the only thing to do now is to go rescue Tini who lives a good 30 to 40 minutes away under normal conditions.  She may or may not tell Kris she is leaving.
Kris, meanwhile, is spending all his time with Izzy and Aeris, while also trying to figure out what to do about Jon. 
Nicole breaks into the garage, steals the Saylors' large ladder, a metal baseball bat and a handsaw - baseball bat for hurting zombies, handsaw in case she gets bitten and needs to remove a limb (Ash style) .  Somehow, she manages to get to her large van, strap the ladder to the roof and get in without life-ending injury.

Fred is genuinely freaked out by the video Kris posted, convinced that he saw himself die on screen.  He finds out where his coworkers have disappeared to - a shining vortex in the parking lot.  He knows this is where he must go, and vows to "come back for you".  He is not heard from again. 

somewhere in the 5:00 pm hour
Kris, reading a last comment Nicole left to Tini, realises where she's gone and makes preparations for - hopefully - welcoming her home safely.  He begins to clear out the garage so she can drive her van straight in.

Nicole, meanwhile, is flying down the Prince William Parkway, doing 90mph when she can, with an aluminum ladder strapped to the roof, swerving around abandoned cars and bodies, hitting zombies when she can.  She arrives at Tini's house, sets up the ladder and between the two of them, they manage to get Tini out of the house, along with her housemate's wireless laptop, all while fending off zombies in the pouring rain.  Tini, on her way down the ladder, slips and falls onto the roof of Nicole's van, parked right below in the lawn and the flowerbed.  She breaks her collarbone and painfully gets into the van without further injury.  The laptop, miraculously, is still working.  Leaving the ladder there, she and Nicole (driving) peel out of the development.  At one street corner, they see Boudicca the rabbit, now undead, taking down a pitbull in spectacular fashion.  Tini begs to get the rabbit, but Nicole tells her "No time for that now, sugar-bean, she's in the late night drop-box now."

6:00 pm
Kris is, by this time, supremely worried that both Tini and Nicole are dead.  Even so, he prepares an old bow and arrow, the only ranged weapon he's got in the house, for fending off zombies should the girls make it back. 

Tini and Nicole manage to find oh_frabjous_day (Blake), Tini's boyfriend, at the day care centre where he works.  He's covered himself in tempera paints and has been lording it over the children he works with, now mostly zombified.  Rain still coming down around them, they manage to persuade him into the van.  They speed back to Kris' house.

7:00 pm
Kris notices that, due to the large amount of inactivity at the house, the zombies seem to be ignoring them, possibly thinking that now there is no one left inside.

In world news, it has just been revealed that Prince Harry of Wales has been taken down by zombies and is now One of Them. 

Eventually, Nicole comes screaming down the road, hauling ass.  Kris hurriedly opens the garage door.  The van hurls into the space, barely missing going through the back wall.  Kris yells at its occupants to stay inside until the garage door is totally closed.  He manages to shoot a few arrows into some zombies, taking down one for certain.

The rest of the night
Nicole, completely overwhelmed and on the brink of insanity, lies down and goes to sleep, hoping for a better tomorrow.
Kris gives Tini pain medication and goes about trying to set her collar bone. 
Blake sits up the rest of the night, blankly reading Star Wars RPG books. 

psychicmayhem, unheard from all day, has made it to a secure location somewhere in the woods, with enough provisions and arms to keep himself going for a considerable amount of time.
wolviecrippler, also frighteningly silent, returns from school with tales of zombie teachers attacking students.  He loads a few guns, barricades his house and, by the light of a binfire set by a neighbour, prepares to be another solitary fighter.
spirehouse leaves one message only, and it is only too obvious she has been turned. 

Gee... a little tweaking and this could make for one fecking awesome movie!  I had fun, guys!  Let's do it again sometime?
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