Miss Nikki, Fighter of Boys (niko_hime) wrote,
Miss Nikki, Fighter of Boys

Here's The Deal

As Live Journal becomes more of a fascist state, I'm considering going on a Friends Only lockdown.  I'm sticking it out here till my paid time runs out in May, to keep in touch with you all, but until then I may be interspersing regular posts with PSA announcements and Posts of a Sensitive and Scandalous Nature that - if the latest comment screening and banning on the fucking news post is any indication - could put me in hot water.  Hot water of the Ban-Hammer kind. 

Yes, Live Journal has made me paranoid. 

So I'm just kinda putting up a pre-emptive warning that things may very well go on lockdown here in the next day or so.  If you want to continue to be privy to the ongoings of my life in my journal, you'll need to comment in the entry I'll put up after locking all my entries.  If I don't know you in real life (or you're one of those groovy Online Pals who I've communicated with for a while) I will be checking profiles and such to make sure you're not an LJ spy or a troll.  If you're new to me and I find that you haven't got any sort of visible entry on your own journal, I shall summarily reserve the right to friend back.  Which isn't fair to people who may have just joined the community honestly, but comment anyway, and I'll keep an eye on you ^_^ 

Dear LJ, please don't ban me for this entry.  I'm only trying to do right by me.
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