Miss Nikki, Fighter of Boys (niko_hime) wrote,
Miss Nikki, Fighter of Boys

Do Your Part

Please follow this link : http://www.avaaz.org/en/stand_with_burma/t.php  (in raw format just in case)  to sign a petition urging the United Nations to take action against the atrocities going on in Burma. 

With more voices, it is also possible to reach the ears of China, which holds much sway over Burmese goings on.  With the 2008 Olympics coming up and China's international reputation on the line, if there is a large global outcry for these things to stop, China should have no choice but to listen. 

So please, take a minute out of your time to sign this petition.  All you need is your name, e-mail address (and you can unsubscribe from the newsletters if you so choose) your country and postal code.  Giving your mobile number is completely optional.  They're trying to reach 1 Million signatures on this petition.  Let your singularly  small voice join with others to ring out for peace, tolerance, and human understanding. 

Once you've signed, please spread the word to others.  Post this in your own journal or send it as an e-mail. 

Thank you. 
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