Miss Nikki, Fighter of Boys (niko_hime) wrote,
Miss Nikki, Fighter of Boys

I feel like a zombie

Shuffling around, groaning randomly, a dead look in my eye... eyes, I guess, I do have two of them >_<

My own damn fault though.  I went to the gym for way too long (my poor muscles) and then stayed up till gods only know how long watching Season 3 of LOST and maybe finishing up someone's Doctor Who scarf.  I really need to find my LOST Season 2, I want me some Henry Gale, plus Monica is wanting to catch up with the series before it all ends.  *mental note*  But hay, I now have 13 feet of timey-wimey goodness (or will, till I deliver it to its owner!)

Thank god today is Friday though, I can wear comfy clothes to work and generally have a good time of it. 

Oh.  Work.  Let me tell you.  Not that many will understand, but whatever.  Was talking with a mate of mine who works in Service this morning and he's going on about how stressed he is (worked the night shift, poor bugger) because they got a record number of calls in last night from stores all over the country with false alarm readings.  He was saying something about a couple thousand motions all seeming to go bad in the space of one night.  THey'd get the call that a motion was going off in a building (lots of distribution centres actually) or that a door contact was reading open.  If they couldn't get hold of a night shift manager (none of who seemed to be answering) of course they dispatch the local PD.  He started to go on about something regarding local police in some mid-western town, but then had to go because I guess they were getting another deluge of calls?  He sounded a bit weirded out, apparently something to do with the police calls or something. 

So... yeah this looks like an iiiiiinteresting day.  At least I don't have to go home for lunch, so I can get my hours in easily and then leave at a decent hour.  Huzzah.  Of course, that means being stuck in the building all day, but tis a small sacrifice to make. 

I rediscovered the voice post number, maybe me and Shannon and Desiree or some people can make a voice post at some point in the future.  My coworkers are HILARIOUS. 
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