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“Hey guys, not doing much of anything. Standing outside having a break because our internet is fucking up at work and not likely to get online ___ anyway. I'm standing out here with Shannon who's very ___. That is my coworker Shannon who sits behind me. She's, she's a very lovely little lady and yeah apparently I didn't know I was talking with the server guy or IT person Mike earlier with ___ Stan Mike's in his office and he, yeah it was weird. He said something about like something chewing on the wires and that it smelled really bad in server room and he didn't wanna go back in there. I think the raccoon might have like up and died in our server room somehow. Yeah, I don't know, we don't really have pests here so it had to be something like that cause of the woods outside. Yeah we have a lot of woods around our office. It's really nice, we should get a picnic table or something sometime but I don't think the landlord will do that because those douche bags or something like that but yeah, just, just drop it in, never that I had rediscovered(?) the joys really posting and yeah, I'll catch you cats later. Bye.”

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