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Miss Nikki, Fighter of Boys

And He Made Me Feel Excited, Well Excited and Scared

New issue of Rolling Stone came in the mail yesterday.

(Click the pic to get to the RS article online.  First half is about music/culture, but then they hit a really brilliant stride in discussing politics and his vision for the country)

I've just gotten through the initial interview, there's also a second article discussing his campaign team, the formation, some of their operations and so on.  Really fascinating stuff, and I think it is a good read for people on both sides of the political fence.  If we can make this happen, and everything goes even slightly toward what he's got planned for his first term, I don't think we'll recognise this country in four years' time.  And that is a wonderful thing.

OK not just one thing, but something stuck out that made me think about what a friend or two has said:

How are you going to connect your support among young people to the governing process?
This is where the Internet is so powerful. One of the things that surprised me in this campaign is how well we were able to use technology to organize people. There's enormous promise — but we've just scratched the surface of what's possible when it comes to making government work for people. Virtual town-hall meetings, increasing transparency, accountability on legislation. You think about all the inefficiencies in government. We basically have a New Deal government in a 21st-century economy. We've got to upgrade it.

OK, so from talking to a few of you, I understand that one of your biggest (bigger) concerns is the direction of science exploration that you think the country should be taking, but for whatever reason, is ignoring.  You've raised some very valid points - re-starting the space program would boost the country's morale, would put us in a positive light in the eyes of other countries, would take our minds off of the not so pleasant things back home and maybe look as though we're making some sort of noble effort for something (anything) for a change.

Obama is clearly a fan of the internet, understands the power it has as a tool of communication.  So if Project Constellation is something you're concerned about, let's start a petition.  An online petition where we can let people voice their thoughts on this - there's no way we're the only ones with this mindset - and get the word out.  Not just the petition, we can write letters.  I'm on his online community newsletter, I'll ask around the forums there to see if anyone would be willing to help out as well.  With enough of us pimping this, it might really make a splash.  At least give him something to consider that maybe he hasn't thought of yet. 

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