Miss Nikki, Fighter of Boys (niko_hime) wrote,
Miss Nikki, Fighter of Boys

Mafia LARP, Part 2: THe LARPening

Continued from Part 1, the Russian, Italian and Vietnamese mobs of Chicago have gathered to discuss their respective standings in the city. There's booze, there's gambling, there's (of course) illegal drugs. Oh, and deception.

Creepy silent Triad guy observes the Russians and Italians yukking it up in the bar...

The Triad discusses their plan... Nick was right - shit's about to get REAL

Upstairs, Ashley goes through massive hallucinations in Chad's office, while he does his best to make it worse by telling her everything she's seeing is real.

Downstairs, the guns have - inevitably - come out. Offensive Tet is the first casualty, offensive to the end.

Scott goes all scary monster and attacks Bartlett, who feebly tries to defend himself with a pistol. Silly mortal...

How bad is it? Uh... he bit your head off. You're dead.

Well, shit.

That's the way the combat crumbles!

Interlude: People goofing off while in a game/combat pause

Well, if he's dead anyway, may as well polish off the vodka...

Also knowing that shit would go down, Joe and the Russian leaders had gone out to dinner, and so were safely chilling on the main floor.

Uh oh, that's two Triad down. Everyone else seems to be doing OK. Except for Headless Tony.

And the third Triad member (Rush, slumped in the doorway) bites the dust. So everything is cool, right?

Whoops! There goes Nick!

As the game draws to a close, the dead (and those smart enough to get out early) congregate downstairs.

Post-game contraband pile!

Stuart guides everyone as secrets and plot are revealed, and many facepalms are had...

Fucking awesome game!

Seriously - Awesome. This picture pretty much sums it up.

Doctor Dream - now in riquid or pirr form!

Blake's leather pants. Forkissokomes

Tini wears her "chicken fillet" bra inserts as a face accessory...

Ashley and her bevy of men. First, Tony, who had been asked by Nick to "take care of his wife"... Mission: Accomplished.

Evil Chad, who now has Ashley addicted to him and submissive to his every command.

And of course, Nick, the husband.

The End.
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