Miss Nikki, Fighter of Boys (niko_hime) wrote,
Miss Nikki, Fighter of Boys

Wednesgiving '09

Many of you have already seen this, but for those of you who have not fallen victim to the soul-sucking behemoth that is FaceBook, here are the pictures taken at this year's Wednesgiving celebration, hosted by saundetr and strawbrrysprite at their beautiful new home!

So now all I owe are Victoriana LARP pictures, yes? Let me know if there's anything else I'm negligent on and I'll get them posted (sooner or later ;P )

Many of the pictures are like this - random candid shots of nothing in particular. Some amusing "scenes" resulted, though!

Ooooh! Artistic angles!

Yes, I have one of these with each kid. I love 'em to pieces, so... what?

Would've been a much nicer picture if David hadn't been falling all over the place. But that's him!

Bearsie asked that I take a picture specifically featuring her most-awesome butterfly stockings. I told her I wished I had a pair.

As classic1st said on FB - Drew: Now, Michael Weigle... behold... my true face. *draws back hair*

This picture worries me. babylonthegreat is telling her something; but I don't know what, nor do I know if I want to know.

As Micha said, I love this picture of izzyism

when saundetr runs Thanksgiving, the damn turkey cuts itself!

This kills me, because it looks like a promotional picture for some '90s indie-rock band.

Gawd, we're so cool.

And then the lightsabers came out...

And children had to be cautioned against playing too rough...

Except then psychicmayhem joined in...

And an epic battle commenced!

The young Padawan is distracted!

And is defeated!

But she shall rise to fight another day...

Ninja has two swords?

And a bear on his navel...?


If only it weren't so blurry, and if only I had thought to focus more on the brofight going on scene-right...


As I remember it, Aeris stood back, observing us on the llounge chair. She picks up the bear, shoves it at m'colleague, then runs around to sit behind me. As she does so, she yells "O-KAY! Every-body ride the TWAIN!!!"

She's so wee and Kevin is so gigantic, it just makes this picture super special.

The end, till next year!
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