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JDATE: For Your Consideration

Well, at long glorious last, not only has the film version (directed by Don Coscarelli) started production, but a significant cast list has been announced. Yes, yes, Doug Jones. Yes, yes, YES, Paul Giamatti and Clancy Brown. These are all very important things.

But what of the main cast - John and Dave, lovely Amy and their gang of cohorts? All are relative unknowns. Most have IMDB credits that you could count using both hands, with fingers to spare. I certainly don't know them! So I have trawled about the internet to find what I could of them, to give us all an idea of what we are about to get into.

 Chase Williamson is David Wong.  Here is Chase in a Funny or Die spoof of Inception.

TOAST - watch more funny videos

Rob Mayes is John Cheese. Here's Rob being very sweet an sappy in a remake of Ice Castles.

 Fabianne Therese is Amy Sullivan. Sadly, the internet cannot provide us with any videos of the positively adorable Fabianne. So here are the remaining photos of her from IMDB. A-freaking-dorable.

 Jonny Weston is Justin "Shitload" White. Well, I seem to be striking out here as well. So we'll just look at him for now. Looks young and potentially douchey, like he could pull off a Limp Bizkit shirt and a massive headwound. I'll take it.

 Jimmy Wong is Fred Chu. Jimmy appears in this completely random teens-doing-espionage (?) series on the web. Here's an episode where he is featured prominently, although he doesn't really do anything until two minutes in.

And to round it out, Glynn Turman is Detective Lawrence "Morgan Freeman" Appleton. Can't argue with that casting!

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