Miss Nikki, Fighter of Boys (niko_hime) wrote,
Miss Nikki, Fighter of Boys

Quick before I go to work

My little sister, Monica - 16, is somewhat of a golf prodigy, playing since about 6 or 7, she now assistant teaches at a private club, yadda yadda yadda.  Just FYI for those who don't know her, she's pretty ridiculous with a club in her hand. 

She received an invitation to play in the PGA's Mid-Atlantic Juniors Tour competition.  That game is today/tomorrow/Friday.  They rank people from the region (in this case VA and MD) according to past performances in Junior PGA open events.  Out of 50+ young ladies, she is ranked 9th.  9TH.  That's top freaking 10 in the region, according to the goddamn PGA.  Should she do well, there is the possibility (I believe, am assuming) to move on to more national type tourneys before the summer is over.

I'm asking people to just send good vibes and positive thoughts for/about her over the next few days.  She's really nervous (a-duh) but excited.   :D
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w00t! Congratulations to Monica!
Tell her to break a leg for me. Break somebody's leg(s).