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As all you Americans (probably much of the rest of the world as well) know, Tuesday November 4 is Election Day (woooo).

I hope that each and every one of who who can vote, will vote.  Regardless of whether you're voting for Obama, McCain, Nader or Kevorkian, all I ask of you is that you exercise your right to vote.  Too many people - myself included - are apathetic when it comes to voting.  But this one is "important", if what the news media is telling us is true, and everyone should get out there to vote. 

There's much talk this year of voter disenfranchisement, that people will be mysteriously knocked off of registration lists, turned away from polling places for improper ID, receive fraudulent information regarding the location of their polling place, and so on.  I have come across an awesome website (thanks to TIME magazine) that can help clear all of that up for you.  And with a week left, there's not a lot of time, but if you find a problem now as opposed to at the polls, there may be enough time to do something about it.


I've just gone and confirmed that  I am registered, where my polling place is, and what form of ID I need to bring.  I know that for many those things are plainly obvious, but for first time voters or those who just don't do it that often, there may be question.  There's not a whole lot to it, you just need to provide your first and last name, locality in which you are voting/registered, date of birth and last 4 digits of your social.  They even provide outside links to your state's Board of Elections website (at least they do for VA, am assuming it is across the board). 

A last note to this PSA  - lines will be LONG. Polls open at 6:00am and some people will even start lining up prior to that.  So be prepared.  Lines are typically shorter in suburbs, but you never know and it is best to plan for the "worst".  ALSO - I know that in Virginia you can and most likely will be turned away from the polls if you are wearing paraphanelia (shirt, button, ANYTHING) specifically promoting a candidate or party.  No Obama shirts, no I <3 Sarah buttons.  And I believe this applies in many other states as well.  Just to let you know.  

/srs bsns
You may return now to your regularly scheduled... whatevering.

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