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Mafia LARP

I'm finally getting around to posting pictures (again). I owe you lot
1) Victorian LARP
2) Mafia LARP
3) Wednesgiving
And I have pictures from my birthday party, but I don't think people care too much about those. So I'll hold on those.

Here we have the first batch of Mafia LARP pics. This will be split into a few posts, as there are a FUCKTON of pictures. Right now they're not getting uploaded to Facebook, as that site is being an asshat about uploading things. So I'm leaving this post open to the public, so that people I'm not LJ friends with (yet) can come look at the pretty pictures!

The Cold Men Who Play There
ST: psychicmayhem
Setting: Chicago, March 1996
Game: November 7, 2009 at "Spikerbase"

I may have been more than a little obsessed with how awesome kissokomes looked...

Came out soooo blurry, but I couldn't deny Offensive Tet, the Pimp Daddy from the Rice Paddy his place in the lineup!

Joe the Builder, flanked by his two best men.

Hard to see for the blur, but oh_frabjous_day 's eyes are quite alarming in this one...

As in real life, everyone seemed to love the bar (The Marshal Plan)

It even seemed - for a while - that the Vietnamese Triad, Russians and Italians were getting along, or at least being civil...

While bimbo wives were getting plastered and watching the "cripple races" on the live horse racing feed

Hell, everyone even sat down for a few pretty quiet hands of poker...

But then Ashley and Tony (her man on the side) started discussing cocaine...

Not that the bartender heard anything!


psychicmayhem and arashinomoui are totally back twins! WTF!!

The effective heads of the Russian, Italian and Triad groups hold a discussion in the lower lounge of the Marshal Plan...

Half in/half out of character, taking a smoke break on the back deck...

Luci Spiker, unofficial mascot and overseer of the night!

So far, so good, right guys?

Chad Marshal (L) has at this point provided Ashley Nitti with cocaine, and liberal amounts of booze. The bartender retains "no comment" on any of the night's events...

Hell, he even joins the mobsters for poker!

Offensive Tet also takes in the horse races. He will soon provide Ashley with mind-bending Mythos-tastic drugs...

The acting head of the Russian mob and his mama (who is really calling all the shots) have a tense conversation in Russian.

taraione and rushputin (a Triad member) have their own tense discussion...

manlym1k3 highly approves of the pretzels. Or his drink is full enough. I like the pretzels better...

Nick, knowing that his wife has a history of substance abuse, checks to make sure everything is OK.
She of course denies anything and then joins Offensive Tet in the back alley to purchase and take a hit of Doctor Dream...

Nick Nitti knows that shit's about to get real...

Continues in Part 2...
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